Do you need an FBI hostage negotiator to architect storage for server/client virtualization?

Not only does virtualization help you reduce the capital and operating expenses for IT assets but it also offers an immediate ROI — increased utilization, up to 75 percent.
The freedom to spin up or move virtual machines (VMs) quickly and easily calls for a storage layer that is tightly integrated with the virtualization layer. To fulfill the full promise of server/client virtualization your storage layer should further:
• Grow quickly on demand as data volumes or VMs grow
• Grow without disrupting VMs, applications or users
• Avoid initial overinvestment — don’t buy more than what you need today
• Be as robust and highly available as your server and VM layer
• Enable disaster recovery (DR) implementations
• Share common spare parts and management tools with the server layer
Painful lessons have been learned after server virtualization savings had been misdirected into storage investments not satisfying the above needs.
HP LeftHand P4000 SAN customers have been surveyed for their operational and business benefits:
• 25–50 percent of storage capacity purchase delayed via storage clustering
• $40,000 cost savings p.a. with storage high availability
• $100,00 of avoided revenue loss with storage virtualization
If you find those individuals deciding on the storage layer being caught up in a bank-hostage-like situation with other IT individuals, FBI hostage negotiators might suggest:
• Learn their infrastructure likes and dislikes
• Establish trust
• Quid pro quo
We trust you won’t need the FBI and invite you to attend a live product demonstration