Camera+ gets API for easier sharing of edited photos

One of the most popular and beloved camera apps on the iPhone(s AAPL), Camera+, is rolling out a significant update Wednesday. Camera+, from the iOS app developer Tap Tap Tap, is adding improved sharing, UI tweaks and its first ever API, making photos taken and edited with it easier than ever to integrate with other apps.

The API lets Camera+ users add photos from the app to their own website via a web widget. The web-sharing API lets other apps browse photos that users have taken with Camera+ and shared publicly. And it lets other iOS apps more easily integrate photos shot, edited or shared from Camera+.

Camera+ has already opened the API to a handful of apps. While Twitter integration is probably the one with the broadest appeal, I’m personally most excited about the Foodspotting integration — as a frequent taker of food photos in dimly lit restaurants, I’ve longed for an easier way to tweak the brightness of an image and then upload it to their app.

Camera+ photos can now be shared with multiple social services at once.

Other apps with the API in action include WordPress, Tweetbot, Twitterrific and Twittelator Neue.
Also updated:

  • Share to multiple services or multiple accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, simultaneously
  • Import multiple libraries into the app at once
  • More flexibility: can either shoot a bunch of photos at once and then edit, or edit as you go with the new Workflows feature
  • Refreshed app icon
  • Better clarity — “especially with the iPhone 4S,” says Camera+ co-creator Lisa Bettany
  • Focus and exposure locks
  • Better sharing of photos via SMS feature, also renamed Message
  • Improved notifications that are “not intrusive” and “opt-in only”
  • Enable setting “VolumeSnap” in menu — allows you to shoot pictures with the iPhone’s volume button

Stay tuned for our hands-on review of the new features.
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