Today in Connected Consumer

Wal-Mart formally unveiled its in-store, disc-to-digital conversion service yesterday, which allows customers to take their DVDs to a Wal-Mart store to have them converted to an UltraViolet digital file stored in the cloud. As I speculated in a recent Weekly Update, the program seems designed in large part as a way for Wal-Mart to get the studios to fund a marketing campaign to promote Vudu, Wal-Mart’s digital movie service. Customers have to set up Vudu accounts first before Wal-Mart will convert their discs. Branding for the new service calls its Walmart Entertainement; Powered by Vudu. No mention of UltraViolet. Some analysts were cool toward the new service, citing the less-than-universal device support, lack of Disney movies and likely consumer resistance to the $2-$4 fee per disc. While the fees are likely to be a turn off for some, paying $4 to upgrade your SD DVD movies to HD digital copies could appeal to some.