Harry Potter E-Books Available For Reserve At NY Public Library Now

The Harry Potter e-books, which will be released for the first time by Pottermore in April (after months of delays), are now appearing in the New York Public Library’s e-book collection and library patrons can reserve them.
The library titles are available now as EPUB and OverDrive says they’ll also be available through Kindle in the U.S. only.
I noticed the e-books today when I was browsing through the NYPL’s “New eBook Additions” section. The publisher is listed as Pottermore and the release date as April 30, 2011. The covers look the same as the covers on the print books.

All seven of the Harry Potter titles are there, as are the Harry Potter digital audiobooks.
According to the listings (I think that link should work even if you are not a NYPL member), the NYPL has bought 25 copies of each e-book and there are already many patrons on the waiting lists — 55 people on the list for the first e-book in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Digital library distributor OverDrive is responsible for providing the Harry Potter e-books to libraries. I only have access to the NYPL, but if your library is powered by OverDrive and you are interested in the Harry Potter e-books, it’s worth going and checking out that library’s collections.