Today in Cleantech

AOL founder Steve Case has long been a fan of collaborative consumption, having invested in Zipcar and Exclusive Resorts through his investment firm, Revolution. My colleage Katie Fehrenbacher reports that he is adding office sharing company, Loosecubes, to Revolution’s investments. I like Loosecubes a lot. It plays on the distributed work theme and allowing employees to work remotely (a lot of the GigaOM editorial staff, for example, works remotely). And, unlike low cost/high volume sharing services like ThredUP, sharing commercial office space means reasonable margins at lower volume that can be scaled up. I always thought office space would be a feasible step for Airbnb, though Brian Chesky assured me that wasn’t part of Airbnb’s plan when we talked at GigaOM’s Roadmap conference in November. Airbnb is laser focused right now, particularly in Europe where it is trying to scale quickly, and that’s a great sign for the company.