BuzzFeed Launches Women’s Vertical, ‘Shift,’ And Sports Section

There’s a new girl in town, joining established women’s blogs Jezebel and The Hairpin: Shift, BuzzFeed‘s new women’s vertical, run by New York magazine and Jezebel alums. The site also added a sports section today.
Amy Odell, previously editor of New York magazine fashion blog The Cut, is editor. They are joined by former Jezebel writer Anna North as senior editor and Hillary Reinsberg, who wrote for Abrams Media’s “The Jane Dough,” as associate editor. (Former Rolling Stone writer and Gawker editor Doree Shafrir is executive editor of BuzzFeed.)
BuzzFeed is launching the new vertical as part of its push to become a fully fledged news site. Several high-profile bloggers have joined the site in recent months, including Politico‘s Ben Smith, Rolling Stone contributing editor Michael Hastings and Shafrir. There is a Tumblr devoted to these hires, “Has Buzzfeed Hired Anyone New Today?
Odell tells Fashionista that Shift will stand out from competitors like Gawker’s Jezebel and The Awl’s The Hairpin: “I feel like women’s media, especially Jezebel and The Hairpin which I read and I love, has identified the issues facing us as women. We don’t want to just highlight that they’re out there and that they exist but we want to move past them. We’ll do that through interviews with very successful woman–whether it’s the CEO of a successful fashion company or a senator and find out how they got there and what it’s like. There aren’t that many women out there in positions of power and we want to talk to the ones who are to find out how they got there so we can be like them too.”
In her inaugural post, Odell writes that Shift will cover questions like these:

How can women bridge the gap between our income and our male counterparts’? How can we attain the power we need to make decisions about our own bodies? How can we be taken seriously as we work toward those things while indulging in a little mindless feminine fun, like shopping, reading Us Weekly, or tweeting about how Nicole Kidman looked like a big Vajazzle at the Golden Globes?

Sports, Too
Buzzfeed also launched a sports vertical today, BuzzFeed Sports, edited by BuzzFeed Senior Editor Jack Moore and Kevin Lincoln, who will be deputy editor of the vertical.