Animoto’s iPhone app adds automatic video editing

Animoto updated its iPhone app Wednesday, adding a much requested feature — the ability to add videos in addition to photos when creating video slideshows on┬ámobile devices.
The startup is best known for creating automatic slideshows from user content, both on the Web and with its mobile app. Animoto already had the ability to incorporate video clips through its web-based interface, but the addition to the mobile app is new. Now, Animoto iPhone users can uploaded photos and videos to its cloud-based interface, which then remixes those assets and sets them to music, creating a more interactive and engaging experience. Those videos can then be shared with friends via email and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Animoto isn’t the only company hoping to provide automatic video editing on the go: There are other apps, like Magisto and Vidify, which provide similar functionality. The key differentiator is mainly just that while those newer apps launched with a focus primarily on video, Animoto still has legacy roots in the photo slideshow business.
One other key differentiator is that Animoto runs on a freemium subscription model, rather than one-off app sales like some of its competitors. Users can create videos of up to 30 seconds for free, but if they want to make longer videos or add other features, they are charged $4.99 a month of $29.99 a year.