Another task done: Wunderlist for Windows Phone

Windows Phone(s msft) owners have good reason to hit their app store today: Wunderlist, a free task management app, has landed on the platform. The software, found in the Windows Marketplace, offers cloud-based task synching and the ability to email tasks directly to the app.
The Unwired web site correctly notes that the Windows Phone version of Wunderlist will surely look different that it does on other platforms. That’s mainly due to Microsoft’s Metro UI; a landscape and tile based interface. But that shouldn’t diminish the value brought by the software, which I find very effective.
I last looked at Wunderlist in September of 2011, recommending it for a number of reasons, even though I realize we all work differently. There’s no “one size fits all solution” for task management, of course:

“Wunderlist has many desirable features that fit my approach and at no cost, is worth the look if you’re on the hunt for a mobile task management solution. Thanks to an effective interface with solid features, cross-platform support and cloud synchronization, Wunderlist is mobile task management done right.”

The key to me is two-fold: Wunderlist’s simplicity and its cross-platform support. With clients for the web, Mac, Windows, iOS(s aapl), Android(s goog), BlackBerry(s rimm), and now Windows Phone, the service can be effectively used with nearly any mobile device or computer.
Clearly, users agree that the software works well. Just last month Wunderlist announced it had topped 2 million users just 15 months after launching. Given that relatively few are buying Windows Phone devices yet, the company may not gain much here. However, even if sales of Microsoft-powered phones grows slowly, the company is well poised to take advantage of the platform.