Rocket clones Amazon in Indonesia

Updated: Rocket Internet, Berlin’s incredible cloning machine, is certainly making good on its international expansion plans. And hey, why not borrow extensively from Amazon (s:AMZN) and its old site design, right?
That, as TechBerlin neatly spotted today, is exactly what the Samwer brothers’ operation has just done. The site’s called Lazada and it’s now open for business in Indonesia, selling… well, pretty much what Amazon sells.
LazadaA job ad that went up on Monday for a senior HR manager confirms it’s a Rocket enterprise, while describing the parent company in a way that almost rings true:

Our team comprises of highly entrepreneurial individuals from the best business schools and companies around the world. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to work for a highly reputed international company, which offers you a challenging, but also fun working atmosphere.

The first bit sounds right, but what comes afterwards depends on your definition of “highly reputed” and “fun.” I don’t know, is being told to sign your business plans in blood fun? Maybe for some.
TechBerlin pegs ex-McKinsey man Maximilian Bittner as Lazada’s CEO, which squares up with a recent edit to his LinkedIn profile. And, since you ask, Amazon is not currently itself operational in Indonesia.
I’ve asked both Rocket and Amazon for comment, and will of course let you know when they get back to me.
Update: Turns out Lazada’s also operational in Egypt and the Gulf states, the Philippines and Thailand, and will soon open in Malaysia. And not only that, but Rocket’s also given birth to another Zappos-esque outfit in South East Asia — this time called not Zalando, but Zalora. They sure like their Zs. Did I mention they have a heavy focus on execution?