Today in Connected Consumer

It’s getting extremely difficult to stay on top of all the regulatory and competitive action around data privacy, let alone tell the good guys from the bad. Yesterday, two Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to 34 social app developers, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Path and LinkedIn, asking them to explain, in detail, what data their apps collect on users. The pols are also seeking a meeting with Apple to discuss the same topic. At the same time, Facebook  is trying to play the good guy by sticking up for its users’ privacy against nosy employers and colleges. In a sternly worded blog post this morning, Facebook chief privacy office Erin Egan warned employers and others that they could be opening themselves up to legal liability by seeking Facebook login information from prospective employees and students. And speaking of stern words, Gizmodo yesterday served up a long excoriation of Google and its new privacy policy while GigaOM-alum and now AllThingsD blogger Liz Gannes piles on. But where there’s controversy there is also opportunity: the group of ex-Googlers behind Disconnect — a service from scrubbing your data from social networks — has had an easy time lately raising funds.