The weekend review: three takes on big data

It was a big week for big data. Our most popular report, “A near-term outlook for big data,” was published in conjunction with GigaOM’s Structure:Data conference in New York City on March 21–22. The hefty anthology features research notes written by eight of our top data experts, led by Jo Maitland, our Infrastructure/Cloud Research Director. The in-depth volume looks at how big data is currently changing (or is on the brink of changing) our lives as both consumers and as a society, with examples that range from big data in the health care industry to the rapidly developing enterprise Hadoop market.
Up next is Adam Lesser’s “The big data tsunami meets the next generation of smart-grid companies,” excerpted from the aforementioned big data anthology. Lesser analyzes how smart-grid companies may use big data to revolutionize the utilities industry, taking a look at some of the major players in the market and the current focus on nationwide smart-meter implementation.
Last, Jo Maitland’s “Don’t hold your breath for a single big data stack” is a brief, cautionary piece aimed at those eager to identify a LAMP stack equivalent for big data — a task much larger and nuanced than many anticipate.
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