Pottermore Effect? Amazon’s Kindle Store Hits The Wall

Within hours of the Harry Potter series going on sale as e-books for the first time, the Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle Store hit a wall: titles of all kinds showed up as unavailable on Kindle Fire and iPad Kindle storefronts while the browser version told would-be customers that titles like the top-selling Hunger Games aren’t available in the U.S.
I first noticed it around 3:20 p.m. eastern when all of the titles in a Harry Potter search on the iPad Kindle storefront in Safari showed up as “currently unavailable” as did all the titles on the top 100 paid list. The browser version was still saying titles weren’t available in the U.S. a little before 4 p.m.; it’s back to normal now.
Is it the Pottermore effect? The Harry Potter site and its store appear to be working fine. Maybe it’s the collision of the first movie week for the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter release — or some other error that coincidentally hit at just the wrong time. We’ve asked Amazon for an explanation.