AmpliStor big data “green” low-power storage platform

Storage industry experts agree that the market is ready for more efficient and reliable solutions for petabyte-scale digital storage. Recent trends in big data are driven by many factors, including the advent of higher resolution media data, the success of online software applications (SaaS) managing huge volumes of rich media. Aside from rich media, documents of all types are becoming larger and more numerous. Corporations generate enormous amounts of document data that has potential future value, and hence must be maintained. In a wide variety of enterprises the need to manage petabytes of data and keep it in highly durable, yet affordable digital archives is becoming a paramount concern.
How do we create unbreakable storage for the world’s largest portals, social networks, online applications, enterprise and scientific repositories? Many questions can be raised about what is to be done with these mountains of big unstructured data: Can we simply manage it in databases or file systems? Can we afford to keep it on traditional enterprise storage arrays? Or should tape experience a renaissance and become the primary storage medium for long-term scalable archives? While these systems certainly provide their own strength and weakness trade-offs, none of them were ever designed for the scale of the data we now need to store. Amplidata’s vision is to create optimized object storage that provide the optimal solutions for managing the demands of big unstructured data, with the highest data durability, greatly improved storage efficiencies, simplified management and the lowest possible cost of ownership.