The Morning Lowdown 3-28-12

»  Amazon’s Kindle Touch comes to Europe, but no Fire news (BBC)
»  Apple’s Newsstand raking in $70K a day, study says (CNET)
»  Is Cable’s Long, Glorious Ratings Run Finally Over? (paidContent)
»  T-Mobile battles the subsidy beast (by raising prices) (GigaOM)
»  France Claims Three-Strikes Has Hit Piracy, But Has It Really? (paidContent)
»  RIAA: Digital beats out physical for first time in 2011, streaming services gain 300,000 subscribers (The Verge)
»  A Pinterest Spammer Tells All (The Daily Dot)
»  Keep Your Facebook Friends Close and Your Facebook Enemies Closer (Read Write Web)
»  What Happened When I Got Retweeted By @BarackObama (paidContent)
»  Corporation for Public Broadcasting gives NPR $500,000 for foreign news coverage (Poynter)