How to build the highest performing HA file shares in less than two hours

The MR NAS space has been defined by competitors trying to make unified hardware that leverages central processors to manage several different HW platforms for both block and file. The result is HW that goes unused and processing power that is wasted managing unused HW. When customers use these unified platforms for 90 percent block or file, they would be far better to purchase a device that is built specifically for NAS. The HP X5000 is such a solution that is built as a NAS platform with fantastic performance and scalability directly in the box, with 32 Tb internally and two server blades clustered for HA and a building block approach that gives it the highest capacity that can be managed from a single namespace. In terms of networking, it is built with 14 Ethernet ports of both 10 GbE and 1 GbE so that the platform can be used across many storage initiators so the customer can expect best in class ROI. Speaking to the high performance point made in the previous sentence, the HP X5000 comes with higher standard configured memory than our competition can offer as optional maximum and scales to 96 Gb per blade or 192 Gb across the platform. The X5000 leverages Windows Storage Server 08 R2, which is a robust platform that has evolved into a best in class storage OS that integrates into existing server environments seamlessly, allowing customers to leverage existing expertise in Windows environments instead of a proprietary user interface. For 20 percent off see the below offer.