Apple employees rate Cook slightly ahead of Jobs

For all the handwringing over how Tim Cook couldĀ ever live up to his predecessor Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple(s AAPL), employees seem to think he’s doing well — even better than Jobs.
That’s according to anonymous Apple employee rankings of their chief executives on job hunting and review site On the site, employees have given Cook a 97 percent approval rating between March 2011 to March 2012. That just beats out Jobs’ ranking of 95 percent, which was calculated with Apple employees rankings between March 2010 and March 2011. (Note: While Cook wasn’t officially named CEO of Apple until August 2011, he had been interim CEO since Jobs went on medical leave in January 2011.)
To be fair, a 2 percent difference is a pretty small gap — especially when you consider how long Jobs was on the job, and how new Cook is to the position. He’s clearly in his honeymoon period, just seven months into his official duties as CEO. In that time, he’s done some things that are bound to be popular among workers, likeĀ instituting a generous charitable corporate matching program.
Glassdoor will release two reports on Friday, the top 25 highest-ranked CEOs in the U.S. and the top 10 ranked tech CEOs. Cook and his 97 percent score sit atop both lists. Here’s the entire list of the tech CEOs with the highest approval on the site:

The rankings are anonymous and are based on an answer to the question “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?” At least for those Apple employees who visit the site, the answer is a resounding yes.