Don’t Give Out Your Photo And You Won’t End Up On A Dating Site

Six months after a married Georgia woman sued for using her photo as a model single lady, the internet is bubbling with a new “OMG, my picture’s on a dating site” story.
This time, the reluctant dating site star is a Slate contributor who teases us with the headline, “I found my boyfriend’s face on a dating website!”
The story, alas, is less tawdry than we hoped — it turns out both the boyfriend and the writer herself had let a friend sell pics of them to a stock photo agency.
The agency in turn sold the photos to dating site HowAboutWe and, voila, minor internet scandal.
The lesson here seems to be don’t volunteer for stock photos and you won’t end up on the internet. As the writer discovered, model release contracts are fairly bulletproof so there’s not much she and her boyfriend can do.
The story does, though, provide a fun tour of other unexpected photo finds — including a man “who cried when he saw that his leg had been digitally chopped off for a billboard about the dangers of diabetes.”