Judge Turfs Blogger Lawsuit Against HuffPo

A New York judge ruled on Friday that Arianna Huffington’s army of unpaid bloggers will remain just that .. unpaid.
“No one forced the plaintiffs to give their work to The Huffington Post for publication and the plaintiffs candidly admit that they did not expect compensation,” wrote U.S. District Judge John Koeltl, adding that the bloggers were writing for exposure.
The lawsuit was filed last April and sought to force Arianna Huffington and other owners to share some of the $315 million they pocketed when AOL (NYSE: AOL) bought the site.
The plaintiffs claimed that the HuffPo’s use of unpaid bloggers amounted to unjust enrichment and unjust business practices.
The case was brought on behalf of 9,000 Huffington Post contributors by Jonathan Tasini, a writer who won a famous 2001 Supreme Court case that forced publishers to pay freelancers for digital works.
A Huffington Post spokesperson offered the following comment:
“This judgment removes any question about the merits of this case and we look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial relationship we share with our growing roster of interesting, dedicated and engaging