Welcome To paidContent Circa 2012

Back in February, we told you paidContent found the perfect home as we announced that ContentNext Media had been acquired by our friends at GigaOM. Since then, so many pieces of the two companies have fit together smoothly that it’s hard to believe we’ve been part of the team for such a short time.
Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought some of GigaOM’s stories to paidContent and vice versa, only hinting at the depth of coverage our combined efforts will offer. But most of the integration has been behind the scenes — until now.
In just a few days, we will move into that new home when paidContent shifts to the same publishing platform as GigaOM. Most of the changes are under the hood — you’ll still see the same great stories by the same top-notch writers and much of the site’s look and feel will be very familiar. But we are making a few important changes that we want to fill you in on before you visit our new virtual digs.
Same furniture, different rooms
Now that we are part of the larger GigaOM Network, some of our content will be appearing in different places. Both mocoNews and paidContent:UK are being phased out as sites; rest assured, their content stays. Links are being preserved and all the content is moving over.
Between the ubiquity of smartphones and the growing importance of tablets, content lines are getting more blurred. Having a separate site to cover mobile content no longer makes sense. But that doesn’t mean that we’re reducing our mobile coverage — far from it. Tom Krazit, who has so adeptly led mocoNews for the past year, is joining forces with GigaOM’s mobile writers. Together, that combined team lets us get deep into mobile technology on GigaOM, while at paidContent we continue to focus on how it fits into digital content strategy and monetization. The mocoNews archives will live on paidContent.org. You will have access to it all.
paidContent:UK has been an important voice on the transformation of digital content. But there are more stories to be told about Europe, and we’re delighted that Robert Andrews, an integral part of that site since its launch, will continue his coverage as part of a bigger team with a broader international reach. We’ll reveal more about those plans soon. As is the case with mocoNews, all of the content will be at paidContent.org and existing links will be redirected.
It’s only getting better
Thanks to the intense effort of our developers, you’ll have access to all the vital pieces of the current paidContent site when we switch to the new platform: our daily coverage, our archives, our newsletter, RSS feeds, search, a revamped event site, and more. With most of these pieces, you may not even notice a change. There are other features that we won’t have initially but will be rolling out gradually. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to all of the changes when the new paidContent goes live next week.
Most important, as we promised in February, paidContent is only getting better as part of GigaOM.
As we near the end of our first decade, I’m thrilled to be able to say we continue to bring you the same news coverage, smart reporting, and insightful analysis of the rapidly evolving economics of digital content — and we will be able to bring you more of it.
Thanks for your support. Welcome to the new era of paidContent.