HP 3PAR Storage leading the pack with VMware integration

With plenty of accomplishments over the past year, HP continues to have the IT community taking notice with recent recognition as Best in Class in DCIG 2012 Midrange Buyers Guide. In doing so, the HP 3PAR F400 surpassed all NetApp FAS arrays, IBM XIV Gen 3 and all of the new CLARiiONs from EMC.
This recognition is testament to unparalleled capabilities of the HP 3PAR architecture with the first being the midrange F400 having persistent cache and thus superior high availability to its competitors. In addition, the mesh–architecture and wide-striping combined with the mixed workload capability driven by the ASICs and processors creates a superior engine that drives high performance all the time even with 15K drives whereas the competition is forced to resort to SSDs as marketing ploys to drive perception when in reality their controllers are limited by their underlying OS and firmware, which are old and outdated.
Amongst many differentiators for HP 3PAR F400, the integration with VMware stands tall; whereas, the HP 3PAR array creates thin-aware, point-in-time copies to go beyond the support of the normal vSphere Full Copy command. HP 3PAR arrays also extend the forthcoming VMware UNMAP command and actually help organizations reclaim unused storage capacity from VMs that are active; whereas, other arrays are limited to only reclaiming deleted VMs.
These advances combined with several other attributes on VMware and many other applications and environments will have the competition and many customers taking notice for years to come.