The weekend review: the downfalls of data and Pinterest

Big data continues to dominate the minds (and reading lists) of GigaOM Pro subscribers. After last week’s Structure:Data conference, however, readers are focusing on the long-term outlook for the big data industry. The most popular article of the week was Derrick Harris’s “Why service providers matter for the future of big data,” which looks at the big data outsourcing and services market and how predicted shortages in the big data workforce (including significant shortages in data scientists and other vital big data workers) will impact the industry over the next few years.
For another take on the complexities of dealing with big data, Krishnan Subramanian’s “Big data: beyond analytics” looks at some of the more nuanced facets of big data, such as the pitfalls of so-called “data obesity” and the rapidly evolving big data market.
And finally, Mathew Ingram leads us away from the big data landscape with “Pinterest reawakens Napster-style debate over copyright,” taking a critical look at the mounting copyright issues that Pinterest could be facing, despite recent changes to its terms of service and support features.
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