Where to watch the NCAA Championship game live online

March Madness is finally coming to an end with the NCAA championship game between Kentucky and Kansas on Monday, and basketball fans can once again watch the game live online if they’re not in front of their TV. Official NCAA apps for iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog) devices also make it possible to watch the game on the go, and there are a ton of additional online services to get your second-screen action on.
The game starts at 6:23pm PT / 9:23pm ET, which gives you just enough time to check out our definitive list of NCAA Championship sites and apps below:

  • CBSSports.com will stream the game free on its website, and CBS (s CBS) will be showing it on TV.
  • iPhone and iPad users can tune in via the NCAA March Madness iOS app. Accessing the live stream will cost users $3.99, and users can pay for their subscription right in the app, or log in with their credentials if they have previously registered elsewhere.
  • The NCAA March Madness Android app for selected Android phones is available on Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, and you’ll be able to pay for your $3.99 subscription necessary to watch the game from within the app as well.
  • Slacker provides a free live audio feed of the game via its iOS, Android and Blackberry(s rimm) apps.
  • Snappy TV is powering social sharing of game highlights within the NCAA’s March Madness Flash player. The company is aggregating user-generated clips as well as the most tweeted messages about each game on the NCAA’s Facebook page.
  • PlayUp teamed up with NCAA legends Al Horford and Brandon Knight, making it possible to chat with them and other fans in  Hangouts during the game.
  • ConnecTV brings real-time stats synchronized to what’s happening on TV to your iPad, Mac or PC.
  • GetGlue has a special sticker for users who check into the game tonight.