Wooga’s Diamond Dash game tops 11 million downloads

Berlin-based social gaming giant Wooga has released download and usage stats for the iOS version of its Diamond Dash game, and the numbers provide some interesting insights into the space.
According to Wooga, Diamond Dash has been downloaded more than 11 million times on iOS since it was first released for the platform just four months ago. The game also has more than 18 million monthly active users in its Facebook incarnation, helping Wooga into seventh place when it comes to Facebook app developers (that’s overall – not just for games).
The gem-clearing game, which is similar to the classic Bejeweled, is only available on iOS and Facebook, but the two versions links up to provide synchronised scores and a unified leaderboard. And of course you can compete with friends.
Wooga was one of the first games developers to release a specially-optimised version of its product for the new iPad upon the tablet’s release and, as the chart below shows, that device already accounts for a sizeable chunk of downloads.
Wooga’s stats suggest that the social element is working. The company said on Monday that 64 percent of players logged into Facebook to play with their friends. It also said those who logged into the social network were eight times more likely to shell out cash, and spend 50 percent more than non-logged-in players on average.
During March alone, there were 18.5 million instances of iOS users being directed to the app from a notification that popped up while they were browsing the social network from their mobile device, the developer added.