Book time with a startup founder this weekend through Exec

Exec launched a few weeks ago with an ultra-easy-to-use system for booking executive assistants to do various odd jobs around San Francisco. Now it’s extending that service to include booking time with a few startup founders, according to the company blog.
On Saturday, April 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Exec will let users schedule phone or Skype meetings with different serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. For the Saturday test, it’s also extending availability outside its current local market. That means users will have access to founders that they might not otherwise be able to reach, either because they don’t have the connections or because they’re physically located outside of Silicon Valley.
In the first few hours after the plan was announced through a blog post, Exec had already received about 15 requests, according to Exec founder and CEO Justin Kan. He told me that most had been focused on how to pitch their startup ideas, raise funding and learn more about best practices for early-stage startups.
Startup founders that Exec is booking time with this weekend include:

  • Alexis Ohanian (Reddit, Breadpig)
  • Steve Huffman (Reddit, Hipmunk)
  • Matt Brezina (Xobni, Sincerely)
  • Tikhon Bernstam (Parse, Scribd)
  • Justin Kan (, Exec)

Unlike the usual $25 per hour that Exec charges for its services, time with the startup founders will cost $100 an hour each, with a minimum of 30 minutes for each virtual meeting. Those founders are donating their time, and all money raised will be going to the founders’ favorite charity, DonorsChoose.
To book time, Exec is asking users to include the hashtag #execfounders in the job description, to bring up the special pricing and founders available. For Exec, it’s a way for the startup to test variable pricing based on special skills, something that it’s been working on the back end, but its current system doesn’t allow. Whether that functionality will eventually make it into the app remains to be seen. In the meantime it’s a fun way for the startup to connect users with possible mentors and to raise a little bit of charity money as well.