Yapp lets anyone create a mobile app for events

Most mobile apps take a lot of time and development hours — but what if someone came out with a WYSIWYG-type editor that would allow anyone to easily create customizable apps for the iPhone (s aapl)? That’s what New York City-based startup Yapp hopes to do.
Today Yapp provides a web-based interface through which users can create applications that can be downloaded, viewed and interacted with on friends’ iPhones. But it has some limitations: The apps that it creates don’t feed into the Apple App Store, but can be viewed through its own proprietary YappBox application on iOS or on the mobile web at m.yapp.us.
Founder Maria Seidman likens the YappBox app to iTunes’ news stand — simply as the one place where all your Yapps are stored. Web functionality makes it accessible to all and the iOS app is a free download, but it’s not quite the same as publishing something directly to the App Store.
Also, for now Yapp is limited to enabling users to create customizable apps for events. It’s pretty easy to do — I created an app for my upcoming birthday party — with the ability to quickly create a splash page, provide event details, upload photos and create an invite list of your friends.
The idea is bigger than the current product, of course. Events are just the beginning, and there are plenty of other app types that Yapp could help users create and publish. As time goes on they plan to add other templates for users to create apps with.
That’s probably why it’s already been able to raise a seed round of funding from Kleiner Perkins, North Bridge Venture Partners, Cue Ball and some individual investors. Yapp was founded by Maria Seidman and Luke Melia, who are leading development right now, but they’re looking to hire developer talent to move the product forward.
To see how it works, check out this demo video:

Introducing Yapp Events from Yapp on Vimeo.