Amazon CloudSearch takes on Google

Google(s goog) take notice:  Amazon(s amzn) is now pushing a “fully managed search service” for web or mobile app developers.
CloudSearch promises to ease the provisioning headaches of web developers who need to build search capabilities into their web commerce or other sites.  Configuring and provisioning search for such developers is tough because it’s hard to gauge traffic demands in advance. If they provision too much hardware, money is wasted; if they provision too little, bad search performance will turn off would-be buyers.
According to the Amazon Web Services blog, developers or other AWS users can set up the search for their own applications — delineating what domains need to be indexed and searched — using the AWS Management Console,  CloudSearch command line tools, or CloudSearch APIs.
While Google is the king of free, ad-supported, consumer oriented search, many web developers also integrate Google search (or Microsoft(s msft) FAST or enterprise search) into their sites. CloudSearch looks like a pretty interesting shot across the bow there. Amazon CloudSearch comes at a time when Google is reportedly ready to launch its long-rumored Google Drive storage service.  Clearly these two tech giants have their eye on each other.
AWS said the new search service, which builds on the A9 search underlying Amazon’s retail juggernaut, takes the headache out by automatically deploying and configuring the search index in the usual AWS pay-as-you-go model.
That’s a big promise but developers can start checking out the beta now 
Photo courtesy of Flickr user mjtmail (tiggy