Low-cost MVNO, Ting, will offer LTE through Sprint

Ting, the innovative startup that resells Sprint’s(s s) cellular service in consumer friendly plans, will soon be adding  4G LTE service to its lineup. In a blog post, the company notes that in addition to supporting WiMAX services until Sprint winds down that network, it will begin to carry new LTE handsets in mid-2012. That coincides with Sprint’s plan to launch LTE in its first six major cities.
Sue Marek at Fierce Wireless reminds us of Ting’s innovative service plans, complete with shared minutes, messages and data across multiple phones on the same account. Even more appealing is how Ting will credit back for unused services if a consumer’s monthly needs fall into a low-priced plan. When I looked at Ting’s February launch, I noticed that mobile hotspot features were also included at no additional charge and I priced service for three handsets sharing 500 minutes, 2,000 text messages and 3 GB of data. Total cost for the trio? $95 per month.
The addition of LTE handsets and support could give Ting a nice boost in customers as Sprint quickly transitions from WiMAX to LTE for its 4G service. Ting hasn’t yet revealed pricing details on the LTE handset costs or for LTE service, but if it can keep the price down, it should be able to undercut other carriers and MVNOs. And even if the 4G data pricing is the same on a per gigabyte basis, the shared component and ability to easily scale up or down in usage would still appeal to those in Sprint’s LTE coverage areas.