Quick Tip: Backing up iOS to iCloud and iTunes simultaneously

Although backing up your iOS device(s AAPL) to iCloud is easy and intuitive, it simply isn’t enough for most users. Restoration of all the data on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from the cloud is slow and time-consuming and restoration is limited to your most recent backup. However, backing up via iTunes lets you have your iDevice backups saved with Time Machine, allowing multiple restore points. From the iTunes interface it appears you have to choose either local or iCloud backup, but that’s not true. You can do both!
Even if iTunes says it’s backing up your iPhone or iPad to iCloud, all you have to do when your device is connected is right-click on it in iTunes and choose “Backup.” It’s that easy. Now the state of your iPhone is backed up locally via iTunes as well as continuing to back up via iCloud.

If disaster strikes and you need to restore your data when on the road or away from your computer, an iCloud restoration is your only option, but if you have access to iTunes, restoring locally is much faster. There’s another option too: The local backup allows you to extract individual items, such as a text message or phone log via third-party software such as iBackup viewer.
My suggestion is to dock your iOS device at least once a week and run a local backup. Additionally, I recommend not updating your apps via your device but rather do it via iTunes after a local backup. Although iTunes only keeps the latest version of your backup (similar to iCloud), when done locally on your computer via iTunes, a complete backup of your iPhone and apps is made.
Should you encounter a problem app, the .ipa app file might still be in the trash on your computer. To restore the app, drag the .ipa file out of the trash and double-click it. If that doesn’t work or you want to do a more complete restore, your iOS system can be restored to an earlier version by restoring the Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ folder located in the user’s library on your backup. Restoring an individual app or an earlier backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is a critical feature lacking in iCloud backups.
Think globally and back up locally.