Come learn about electric cars and be on the radio & TV

One of several Volts on the floor

Electric cars are:

  • A). The answer to all of our problems with climate change.
  • B). Created by President Obama to irritate House Republicans.
  • C). Will blow up if you turn them on.
  • D). Evil.
  • E). What the heck can you give us some real answers?

If you answered “E” to this surprise pop quiz, it’s a good indicator that you should come check out the Common Wealth’s segment at noon today on Covering Electric Cars, featuring myself, Chelsea Sexton of Who Killed the Electric Car? fame, and Ucilia Wang, Forbes and GigaOM writer. We’ll spend the hour talking about the ins and outs of EVs, and what are the real numbers and public perceptions. The event will take place at the Common Wealth Club’s SF office and it will be recorded for radio and video broadcast. Come hang with us and get on the radio and TV!