Dropbox launches web viewer & easy link sharing

Dropbox is launching a new easy link sharing service, that allows you to share documents, photos and videos over the web, without having a dropbox account. With Google (s GOOG) rumored to be launching its online storage service soon, Dropbox is taking battle to the enemy camp. The company can use this relatively simple way of web-based sharing as a way to grow its user base.

Dropbox links allow people to easily view documents, photos, and videos in a beautiful full-browser display without any setup. Business presentations, home movies, and even entire folders can be opened and viewed instantly without having to sign in, download anything, or open files separately.

From the Dropbox desktop, web, and mobile applications, the “Get link” button generates a unique link to a file or folder. The link can then be quickly sent to another person. For Dropbox users, opening a link will provide the option to instantly save the file to their Dropbox.

According to the Dropbox post, users will also have the ability to download the file — something that other cloud-storage services such as Filesonic disabled in the wake of the arrests and asset seizures in the Megaupload case.