Today in Connected Consumer

Maybe the passing of Steve Jobs still has everyone in a funk, but it seems like a lot of one-time icons of the technology sector have been taking a beating lately. Shares of Apple itself fell 5.3 percent last week, their worst week since Jobs’ death in October, and the stock is off nearly 10 percent from its peak. At the same time, there seems to be a growing number of stories like this one in the New York Times calling out Google for not living up to its motto, “don’t be evil,” and this one, also in the Times, giving both Google and Facebook the hairy eyeball. Even flavor-of-the-month Pinterest is starting to attract some skepticism. What gives? This is just a guess, but I wonder if the┬ácumulative effect of the drumbeat of scary revelations about privacy abuses, the allegations of price-fixing by Apple and other downers just has everyone in a sour mood.