Encryptors scramble to support Google Drive, SkyDrive

This has been a bumper week for cloud storage, with the wraps coming off Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive becoming fully-fledged. And for the more security-conscious among you, don’t worry, the cloud encryptors are already on the case.

Last week I wrote about Boxcryptor, whose MO was adding layers of security to Dropbox and Box.net. I spoke to them again today and snap, they’re already supporting encryption/decryption for both Google Drive and SkyDrive on the desktop.

Actually, that’s no surprise — their encryption is fully client-side, so it just treats cloud files and folders like any other files and folders. Same goes for Cloudfogger, which is also suddenly touting its viability for Google Drive and SkyDrive users.

But Boxcryptor tell me that they also hope to have Google Drive support built into their Android app by the end of this week — a slightly more complex task — and that they’re also working on SkyDrive support for the same.

I guess it’s already passé to refer to these services as Dropbox encryptors, now that the mighty names of Google and Microsoft are in the mix. How quickly times change.