Today in Social

Doomsayers are seeing a tough Nintendo year – its first loss in for-evah – as a sign of some kind of tectonic shift in gaming. Videogames are dead; long live social games. Electronic Arts has its eye on Zynga, too. Let’s have a little perspective, folks. Zynga is pretty much the only company making any money in social games. Nintendo’s deep into the trough of a classic console product lifecycle. At the same time, Nintendo’s latest handheld device – that usually balances those cycles – was a flop. (Now, there’s a shift – mobile games on phones instead of dedicated devices. Or is it?) Back when they were called “casual games” rather than “social games,” cheap online time-wasters like Bejeweled were popular among women and other non-hardcore gamers. EA disagrees with me, but I don’t think we’re seeing anything new.