Video: Reading in the dark with Amazon’s Kindle Touch lighted case

Before Barnes & Noble(s bks) debuted its new Nook with GlowLight last week, I had already purchased a Kindle Touch(s amzn). But I’ve been keeping my wife awake at night as I read in bed because my Touch has no light. I tried a third-party light with adjustable neck and clip, but I’m not a fan of changing the button cell batteries every so often. Instead, I opted for the official Kindle Touch case with integrated light.

At $59, this case is relatively expensive when you consider that I paid $99 for the Kindle Touch with Special Offers. The same case without a light is $39, but a third-party light can easily set you back another $20. The big advantage here is that the LED bulb draws power from the Kindle itself.


There’s no need to buy or change batteries for the light. I haven’t noticed a big drop in battery life since using this with my Kindle Touch, although it’s surely going to cause the e-reader to be recharged more often.

Overall, I love this purchase. I can still read in low-light or dark settings and not worry about keeping my wife awake. Actually, the more I think about it, she probably appreciates the new case even more than I do! Stay tuned as our Nook GlowLight review unit is on the way.