Why we love to use iPad indoors — WiFi

Sure, I have blogged ad nausem that iPad (s aapl), iPhone and other smart devices are boosting demand for Wi-Fi connectivity (and hence gear) both at home and offices. But I couldn’t help but share this data from Actix, a London-based mobile network analytics company. In a press release they note:

By analyzing data from a live 3G network in a major city, the mobile network analytics and optimization specialist has found that only 5% of iPads are used outdoors and whilst iPads account for just 1% of data sessions, they use four times more data than an average 3G device. Key findings from the study were:

  • iPads account for less than 1% of all data sessions but make up 5% of total traffic.
  • 95% of iPad usage is indoors.
  • 90% of traffic from the iPhone 4 and 80% from Blackberry devices is from indoor use.

This isn’t surprising. Apparently 9-out-of-10 iPads being sold are WiFi only. I use my iPad to watch Netflix (s nflx) and Vimeo, but not over 3G. The networks are pokey and bandwidth is expensive.

But I bet this changes with the availability of LTE-based iPads, despite the expensive price tag on the data plans. Thanks to better speeds on the networks and ease with which I can access data instantly, I have stopped carrying my MacBook Air and instead never leave home without the LTE-version of iPad and the Apple keyboard just in case I need to draft something longer.