Got lots of gadgets? ItemBase wants to manage them

If you’re looking for a new gadget, there are tons of places to help you find what you need. But as you buy more and more gizmos, it can be harder to keep track of all your stuff. That’s where ItemBase wants to enter the picture.

ItemBase is a Berlin based startup that promises to keep track of what you own (including all the receipts, warranties and user manuals), discover new things to buy, and sell the stuff you no longer want. It was founded by Denmark native Stefan Jørgensen who came up with the idea after realizing he had scads of old mobile phones floating around his home and no idea what to do with them.


The company received seed round and launched a private beta in Germany and Denmark. Jørgensen is on the hunt for $1.5 million (USD) in new funding as he looks to open up ItemBase to the public in the next couple of months.

I met with Jørgensen at the recent Founder Showcase in San Francisco, where ItemBase actually won the pitch competition. He stopped by for a quick video chat to explain ItemBase and talk about why he created it.