Get the Samsung Galaxy S III video multitask feature with Stick It!

One of the nifty new software features on Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone is called Pop Up Play; it allows you to watch a video while multitasking on the phone. That may not be a “must have” feature for everyone, but I can see the value. If you’re watching a movie or YouTube(s goog) video and a text or email comes in requiring a response, you can quickly manage it while still watching your mobile flick. It’s probably more of a convenience than anything else, and of course, it requires a Samsung Galaxy S III. Or does it?

The Pocketables enthusiast site turned up a third-party app for Android devices that does the same thing. It’s called Stick It¬†and it will cost you $1.49. Thanks to the 15 minute refund policy in Google Play, you can give it a try with out spending the coin, and that’s just what I did this afternoon.

I can’t say I’ve tested every possible video type, but on my Galaxy Nexus, Stick It worked great for my own captured videos, YouTube, and even a video I downloaded locally from the official TED application. According to the information on the application page in Google Play, Stick It supports nearly all of the major video file formats and even a few video streaming protocols.


Video played back in Stick In simply floats above all other content on the display, but you can still interact with other programs during playback. You can resize, drag or minimize the floating video window as well. Again; not something for everyone, but for a buck and a half, it’s a nice feature that I thought was limited to one specific phone. Now it isn’t. And it may even better suited for tablets where you have more screen real estate for multitasking.