The weekend review: disruptions in big data and TV

Big data remains in the hearts and minds of GigaOM Pro readers these days: Jo Maitland, our infrastructure curator, wrote the top two articles of the week. “Deploying big data: 2012 strategies for IT departments” compiles the results of a Feb. 2012 survey of IT decision makers at enterprises across North America. Respondents were asked to assess their company’s approach to big data and business intelligence. Maitland analyzes the results and creates a set of recommendations for leveraging big data and cloud technology.

Maitland’s second report of the week, “Sector RoadMap: Hadoop platforms 2012,” takes a fresh look at big data’s golden child, Hadoop. Her report analyzes trends shaping the Hadoop platform market, including disruption vectors and the market outlook for the next 12–24 months, topics covered at our very first Mapping Session at Structure:Data earlier this year. Maitland also outlines alternatives to Hadoop that could gain market share and outlines a set of predictions and recommendations that could affect Hadoop’s prospects in the near-term future.

And finally, Paul Sweeting’s recent weekly update “TV disruption: It’s not about the cord” looks at the sobering viewer numbers released by both major networks and cable channels this month, figures that are far greater than industry analysts predicted. Sweeting downplays the role of cord cutters in this decline, instead focusing on what could be an even greater disruption factor: the overall shift toward nonlinear viewing.

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