Pinterest vs. Facebook: Whose users spend more?

Apparently Pinterest users drop cash, and then run. Jewelry and accessories website, which was cofounded by former eBay (s ebay) and private equity executives, compared 50,000 shoppers referred from Pinterest to 50,000 shoppers referred from Facebook and said the Pinterest users spend way more money — $180 vs. $85 — but less time browsing the site.

Pinterest also drove more sales at London-based Boticca than any other sales channel — 10 percent of transactions were influenced by Pinterest versus 7 percent that were influenced by Facebook.

Boticca found Pinterest users are less engaged, though:

What does this mean for other brands?

Boticca says it has 40,000 Pinterest followers across 67 brand boards, compared to 26,000 Facebook fans. Since Boticca chunks up its content into separate boards on Pinterest — like “Trend: NEON” and “Beach chic” — shoppers may use the boards to accomplish the “window-shopping” part of their transaction, using Pinterest to browse and then going to Boticca’s site just to buy.

Since Boticca has found that users from Pinterest spend more money on the site, the trade-off in time spent on may be worth it.