Amazon launches Vegas trade show for AWS developers, users

Amazon(s amzn) is looking more like an old-school IT vendor every day. In November, it will host its first-ever partner and customer conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas.  The web services giant posted a “save the date” for the three-day AWS re:invent show on its blog Wednesday. The event will run from November 27 through 29.

Pinch me: It’s like Comdex** coming back to life.

A Las Vegas trade show in November is tried-and-true IT vendor behavior and news of it comes just weeks after Amazon launched an AWS partner program that echos similar incentive programs offered by companies like Microsoft and IBM for years.

AWS re:invent targets developers wanting to learn about AWS architecture, configuration management, performance optimization and participate in “all-day coding challenges.”

It also wants to draw startups that are looking for cloud infrastruture and enterprise IT professionals, according to the post on the AWS blog. Topics will include gaming, disaster recovery, big data, HPC and analytics, according to the blog post.

(**For those too young to remember,  Comdex at its peak drew up to 200,000 people to the desert in the weeks  before Thanksgiving. It was the go-to venue for IT buyers who went to see and perhaps hobnob with PC era luminaries like Microsoft’s(s msft)  Bill Gates while checking out the latest technology.  Comdex shut down in 2004 having been supplanted by the giant Consumer Electronics Show and a series of smaller, more focused trade shows.)

Photograph courtesy of  Flickr user Microsoft Sweden