OMG, is Amazon going to kill tech blogs too?

Is Amazon (s AMZN) seriously launching a tech blog that aims to compete with gadget blogs like the Verge and Gizmodo? According to a new report from “The Daily,” yes. The funny thing is that Amazon already has a gadget blog called End User (although it hasn’t been updated in almost exactly a year), as well as seven other blogs on topics like food and music.

The Daily cites unidentified “multiple sources in the Seattle area” who say Amazon plans to launch three blogs: one “designed to compete in the tech news space with websites like Gizmodo and The Verge” that would be “populated with unbiased reviews that would link back to Amazon’s retail site,” one on “film, comics, TV and other geek-related activities” and one on “the emerging market of mobile phone photography apps.”

Amazon, which did not respond to my request for comment for this story, already has eight under-the-radar blogs: Books blog Omnivoracious, Kindle blog Daily Kindle Post, culinary blog Al Dente, cars blog Car Lust, movies blog Armchair Commentary, music blog ChordStrike and the aforementioned End User. Most of those appear to be updated somewhat regularly, but End User and ChordStrike haven’t published new posts since last year. The most recent post on End User was “Google debuts Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer,” on May 11, 2011.

So it’s not that unlikely that Amazon would launch its own tech blog: It’s done so before. It is fun to imagine Amazon publishing a “serious” tech blog, though — posting “unbiased” reviews of the Kindle and complaining about its own refusal to release sales figures. It’s also funny to imagine the tech blog world complaining, as the book publishing world has, that Amazon is competing with it and stealing away some of its brightest bloggers. Just think of the headlines: “Hey, Amazon: Traditional tech blogs aren’t dead.”

Photo courtesy of Flickr user walkadog