The big data value continuum

Technology markets are challenging enough to understand, but when you throw in the added noise that typically accompanies early markets, gaining real insights can be next to impossible. It is not unusual to have ten or more vendors in a particular segment and adjacent segments and countless products attempting to solve similar customer problems. Needless to say, tech markets are rarely clear in the beginning.

Big data is just such a market today. One of the challenges we face at VoltDB is making sense of this market and understanding where we fit. This, of course, demands that we grasp the fundamental nature of the market and understand where others fit as well.

As Chief Strategy Officer at VoltDB, part of my job is to examine the characteristics of Big Data so that we can accurately explain where our products fit and how we deliver value to customers. In the first of two blog posts, I discuss this landscape by introducing the concept of the Big Data Value Continuum. The basic concepts are: 1) data exists on a time continuum, 2) the things we do with data are strongly correlated to its age, and 3) the value of data changes over time.

I invite you to read about the Big Data Value Continuum and share your ideas on this fluid, fascinating market.

—Scott Jarr, VoltDB Chief Strategy Officer