Wallee magnetic mount for iPhone, Nexus looks to Kickstarter

Wallee already sells a nice iPad case, but the Australian-based company is looking to expand its product line with a magnetic mount and case accessory for Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 4/4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus(s goog) smartphones. To get funding for the new Wallee M Modular Magnetic phone mounting system, the company is turning to Kickstarter: A $40 pledge nets you a magnetic case and mounting disks in July if the project hits its $35,000 funding goal; $10 more adds another pair of disks.

I like the idea of a modular system based on magnets. It’s far easier to use compared to older solutions with clamps, arms, double-sided tape, or gum. OK, the last two aren’t really used in many products, but you get the point. With one slim magnetic case, Wallee can design a multitude of compatible mount options. In fact, if you step up ¬†your Kickstarter pledge, you can get some of them.

A $65 commitment nets adds a magnetic pivot stand to the case and disk option, making for a nice little desk mount that easily switches between portrait and landscape mode. For $70, you can forego the pivot stand and nab a car mount, while $105 gets you the whole package of mounts and 3 mounting disks. It’s not often I see third-party accessories for my Galaxy Nexus, so I think I’ll give this one a go; I’m tired of not having a mount or dock for my Android handset that will also work for my iPhone 4S!