Localmind CEO on how to make habit-forming products

Think of the number of apps you’ve downloaded to your phone. Now think the of number of apps that you actually use. It’s probably only a handful. Turning an app or a product into a habit for users is a tricky undertaking for a mobile developer. So how do you make your app or product or service as vital as email, Facebook and Twitter?

Localmind founder and CEO¬†Lenny Rachitsky has devoted a lot of time to thinking and exploring that very question. Localmind is a service that lets users ask questions such as “Is Bar X crowded?” Through Localmind, someone at Bar X will reply.

In today’s episode of See Founders Run, Rachitsky walks us through some of his experiences, and how he wants Localmind to be less of a novelty and more of a habit for his users. In this short video interview, he explains:

  • The importance of cues, routines and rewards
  • The power of the push notification
  • Finding a big enough problem to solve to make a product a habit


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