The weekend review: big data, served three ways

Last week GigaOM Pro took big data out of the abstract and looked at three very real-world applications: advertising, user interfaces and best practices in cloud storage.

The most popular research report of the week was Marissa Gluck’s “How to navigate the new world of digital advertising,” a field guide to the ever-evolving digital ad space. Specifically, Gluck examines the complexities of display advertising and the industry’s rapid growth in tools and platforms. Big data has provided advertisers with increasingly granular analytics about their target markets, but it has also given greater power to online publishers, who can now make more informed decisions about pricing models and reader behavior.

Next, in “The importance of putting the U and I in visualization,” Derrick Harris looks at how user interfaces are manipulating big data in a meaningful way. While data scientists are well-versed in the mechanics of wrangling massive data sets, creating visual, intuitive user interfaces for “big data civilians” remains a hotly competitive and nascent marketplace. Harris details some of the products currently available and predicts what’s next.

Last, Barb Darrow weighs big security questions in “Public, private or hybrid? A guide to moving to the cloud,” tackling some of the biggest questions IT professionals face when making decisions about their company’s data. While needs differ across the industry, Darrow’s key piece of advice — be smart — applies to everyone.

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