T-Mobile USA starts round 2 of layoffs, cutting 900 jobs

When T-Mobile USA  laid off thousands of workers in March, it wasn’t quite done handing out the pink slips. On Tuesday T-Mobile said it would enter into its next phase of restructuring, which means 900 more layoffs on top of the 1900 job cuts it has already made.

Here’s T-Mobile statement:

“T-Mobile previously announced its intent to restructure and optimize operations throughout the company in order to best reposition the company, given today’s demanding and rapidly evolving marketplace.

This week we are communicating to our employees a series of additional organizational changes to best position T-Mobile to powerfully compete and return to growth.

We are restructuring the organization and optimizing operations so that we can make critical decisions better and faster in response to market and customer demands. Further, by reducing our cost structure and streamlining operations, T-Mobile will be able to invest in areas where we anticipate the strongest return: modernizing our 4G network; aggressively pursuing the B2B segment; and re-launching our brand.

These changes resulted in a restructuring of key functions and departments across the company including the elimination of some positions and the outsourcing of others. While difficult choices had to be made, restructuring our organization will help us better respond to market and customer demands and bring opportunity for continued career development and growth for many of our employees. We appreciate the contributions of our affected colleagues and will provide them with assistance and support during this transition.”

In the last round, T-Mobile cut 3300 jobs as it consolidated 24 regional call centers into 17. It hired 1900 new staff in the remaining call centers, resulting in a net cuts of 5 percent of its workforce.

T-Mobile image courtesy of Flickr user swruler9284