Today in Cleantech

Google is out with an animation called “The Story of Send” on its Google Green blog. It tells the story of how a gmail message goes from a desktop to a mobile phone, along with the intervening journey through Google’s data centers. Along the way Google takes the time to inform everyone how energy efficient an operation it is, from its seawater cooling at its Finland data center to the hot and cold aisles that separate its server racks to the 80 degrees temps it maintains in its data centers to lower cooling costs. Google has shown a lot of focus on efficiency and should be lauded for its growing transparency. What I wonder is just how many people really care outside of us data center and cleantech nerds? Google isn’t short of cash and deploying some of it in marketing efforts to show folks its sense of environmental responsibility makes sense, and I wonder if we may actually get to a point where the general population is aware of the energy impacts of computing in the way most everyone has internalized the idea that discarding a plastic bottle into a landfill, and not recycling it, isn’t great.