Today in Connected Consumer

The New York Times ran a gloomy editorial this morning about investors’ loss of faith in equity markets and the huge outflow of capital from stock funds over the past three years. But don’t tell that to retail brokers, who are reporting 1999-like demand from individual investors for a piece of Facebook’s IPO. The Wall Street Journal even found an 11-year old who wants to bet her college fund on Facebook shares. The fact that Facebook’s bankers have raised the price range for the offering can only fuel the frenzy. Odd then that nearly half of Americans in a survey, including Facebook users, think the social network is a fad that will have a relatively short life cycle. Nearly 60 percent of Facebook users also express little faith that the company will keep the data it collects on them private, and more than half say they never click on the ads or sponsored content that are currently Facebook’s only source of revenue.