Place your orders: Facebook IPO shares set at $38

No more need for price speculation, folks. Facebook (s fb) just put out an amended S-1 filing, which sets its IPO price at $38.00 a share. Get your checkbooks ready.
Facebook will debut on the NASDAQ on Friday, as expected, under the ticker symbol FB. According to the company, it will offer 421,233,615 shares – which breaks down to 180 million new shares and 241,233,615 shares from existing stockholders, i.e. Zuckerberg and company. That would raise the company and its investors a cool $16 billion.
In addition, Facebook’s current owners have also agreed to relinquish another 63,185,042 in the next 30 days if its underwriters see fit, and given the enormous demand and escalating IPO share target they probably will.
The IPO will value Facebook at an astonishing $104 billion. To put that in context check GigaOM’s look at the other big digital media IPOs of the last year – which no longer look so big by comparison. For the rest of our Facebook coverage during IPO week, check out our special pull-down section on the GigaOM homepage.