MindSnacks CEO: “Shut up and listen,” the importance of empathy

Do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Not literally, of course, but are you able to step our of your hectic workday and really imagine what it’s like for someone to use your product? MindSnacks CEO, Jesse Pickard believes empathy is an important and overlooked trait for entrepreneurs.
Pickard credits being the son of a psychiatrist and a small business owner for what he believes is his empathetic approach. According to Pickard, MindSnacks, which makes mobile games that teach languages, has a diverse audience that reaches everyone from children to the elderly. For Pickard, it’s important to step back and really see how all these groups might view a new game character or even how big an “explosion” in a game is.
Empathy can be turned inwards, to your own organization as well, especially when it comes to hiring the right team. Will your company provide each applicant with the challenges and rewards they need to succeed?
We spend a lot of time thinking about the tactical side of being a startup founder, but it’s important to remember that the softer skills, such as empathy, are important. Watch our interview with Pickard and leave a comment. If you feel like it, that is.